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Tips for keeping your honey

Honey lasts a long time. Edible honey has been found in Egyptian tombs.

Store your honey at room temperature with a tight fitting lid. You gain nothing by keeping your honey in the refrigerator.

What to do if your honey crystalizes

Your honey will crystalize at some point in time if you keep it long enough. Most people eat their honey long before it crystalizes. Many people like to eat crystallized honey. Try it before you turn it back into a liquid. This is a natural occurrence so do not be alarmed. It's like when water turns to ice. The water has not gone bad. You can still drink the water.

If your honey crystallizes it's easy to bring it back to a liquid. Place the jar of honey (not a plastic jar because it will melt) in a pot and fill with water until the water is just below the lid. You don't want water to accidently get into your honey. Remove the jar and heat the water to almost a boil. Turn off the heat and place the jar of honey without the lid in the pot. Let the jar sit until the honey has turned back into a liquid. Stir occasionally. Depending on the amount of honey you have and the extent of crystallization, you may need to repeat the process.

If your honey is in a plastic container you have two options. You can transfer the honey to a glass jar and heat like described above. Once cooled you can return the liquid honey to it's original plastic container. Or, you can heat the plastic container with the honey in your microwave. Heating your honey in the microwave can overheat your honey so you have to be very careful. Place your honey in your microwave with the lid off and start the microwave for a few seconds. Then take out your honey and stir. Repeat the process until your honey has turned back to a liquid. Do not rush the process. You will need to adjust the time you heat your honey since not all microwaves are the same. You do not want to burn your honey.

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