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All my bees live in Charlotte. Being urban bees, their honey comes from the wide variety of plants growing throughout our beautiful city. They gather pollen and nectar from our vegetable and flower gardens as well from the many trees our city is known for. Most people don't realize it but the variety of plants growing within our city limits is more diverse than many rural landscapes.

I come from a family with a long history of keeping bees. My grandfather not only raised bees most of his life but also taught beekeeping at NC State University for over 20 years during the early 1900's. He learned how to keep bees from his father and grandfather who kept bees in the late 1800's. I first started keeping bees while in high school.

Beekeeping has changed quite a bit since my ancestors started keeping bees over 125 years ago. However, one aspect of beekeeping has remained the same. The taste of local honey is something you will never forget. It stays with you like a fond memory.

-George McAllister

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